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A Movie Star's Smile For Everyone!

Movie stars, celebrities and politicians are always smiling on the covers of magazines, online portals and billboards, and their teeth are always perfectly even and white. This isn’t just Photoshop – their teeth are often dazzling in person, too. But luckily, having a Hollywood smile is now within your reach too, thanks to the latest, cutting-edge dental techniques. Read on to find out what’s needed to achieve a Hollywood Smile, and how Da Vinci Clinic can help you get one.


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What makes a Hollywood Smile?

That dazzling smile we can see in the media, in Hollywood or in sport stars is typically the result of several factors working together.


This one is pretty self-explanatory. The most beautiful smiles are free from cavities or missing teeth.If you’re lucky enough to have a full set of teeth - great job! Remember that dental prophylaxis, regular check-ups and oral hygiene are all crucial to maintaining that full set of teeth.If you do have any gaps, there are simple solutions available like dental implants. It's a tried and tested method that offers maximum comfort, while looking like your natural teeth.

Equal dental arches

For a perfect smile, you need perfect arches. Unfortunately, hardly anyone’s lucky enough to be born with them. Lukcily, you can make up nature’s oversight with orthodontic treatment. Unevenness can be levelled with veneers. It’s worth noting that, aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits, when teeth are even they're less susceptible to damage. Dental forces are distributed evenly, minimising your risk of mechanical damage. It’s also far easier to maintain dental hygiene and reach every corner of your mouth.

Teeth of equal length

Your natural teeth are rarely even in length. Typically some are longer, and others shorter. Meanwhile, having a perfectly even line that forms the edges of the teeth is a key part of the Hollywood Smile. This can also be achieved with orthodontic treatment, but there's a much easier and faster way - you can simply use CEREC ceramic veneers. These are digitally designed and put in place for you in the clinic, in a single visit!

Perfectly white teeth

This is one of the first things that people can notice about you, and you know what they say about first impressions. Teeth in a Hollywood Smile are always snow-white and shiny. This cannot be achieved simply with your choice of toothpaste, no matter how many times their marketing departments claim otherwise! You can only achieve this chalk-white brilliance with professional teeth whitening.

How can I get a Hollywood Smile?

Everyone’s teeth are different. They’re the result of a mix of genes, dental hygiene, diet and treatment history. This means that while a Hollywood Smile is available to everyone, the approach will always be unique to the individual.

The key foundation of aesthetic dentistry is an accurate diagnosis. During the initial consultation you will learn what treatments you need so that your smile too can be dazzling. If your teeth are perfectly uniform and level, you can focus on the whitening; alternatively, if your teeth are pearly white already, you can skip this step. Better yet, you might just require a simple, single procedure like veneers to leave you with a dazzling smile.

For these reasons, it’s difficult to determine what the cost of a Hollywood Smile until the consultation stage. It all depends on the amount of work that needs to be done. So if you want to find out how much it would cost you to achieve your Hollywood Smile, we invite you to come for a consultation at our clinic. A group of specialists is ready and waiting to give you a beautiful smile, which you will want to share with the world!


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