Fact or Myth?

There are many companies on the market offering so-called quick orthodontic treatment. These companies train dentists during 2-day “teeth straightening” courses and then provide them with marketing materials and products, enabling them to start setting up orthodontic appliances immediately after the seminar. The demand for this type of service is huge because – on the surface – patients are being offered exactly what they ‘want’: i.e. shorter treatment time, at a lower cost. Unfortunately, if something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

What technology is used? Are teeth really fixed faster?

The braces used in this technique are traditional braces, common in orthodontics for many years. They can be metal, gold, transparent or tooth-coloured. These braces are identical to braces used by orthodontists and there is no innovation in their construction that would allow faster tooth movement. The same applies to the metal arches used in this method.

Anyone wishing to move their teeth safely must ensure that the speed of movement matches the body’s natural ability to rebuild periodontal tissue. Rushing too fast risks resorption (dissolution or disappearance) of the roots of the teeth, or even death of the teeth, if nerve growth does not keep up with the movement of the tooth. Therefore, for safe orthodontic work, it’s essential that teeth are moved at the gradual rate guaranteed by traditional orthodontic treatment.

So, how is it possible to straighten teeth in just 6 months,
when it takes specialists 2-3 years?

The secret is in the phrase “straightening your teeth”. People who offer this type of treatment will tell you, as they were taught at the seminar, that their final treatment effect is different from that offered by traditional orthodontists.

Orthodontists who train and train for many years do not focus only on the six front teeth but treat disorders such as crowding, protrusion, open bite, deep bite, crossbite, overbite, hypoglycemia, retained teeth, supernumerary teeth and missing teeth. Straightening the six front teeth is generally easy to achieve in the first six months, regardless of who is treating you. However, to safely treat the aforementioned disorders takes considerably more time and knowledge.

In a six-month course of therapy, braces on the teeth are shorter because the dentist only straightens the front teeth, and removes the braces without treating any of the above disorders. In other words, the treatment is not faster, necessarily, but rather is ended prematurely.

Well, what if I only want to straighten my front teeth?

Of course, every smile is different. Certainly, some patients may be given abbreviated treatment or may achieve the desired results in even less time than six months. These patients generally have little crowding and normal bite. If the desired changes are small, six months can be ample time to address them, and the cost of treatment should reflect that.

However, if other issues are present aside from crowding (such as open bite, deep bite, overbite or occlusal disorder in the posterior segment), then keeping your front teeth in the same position can make you feel even worse after treatment than before it began. Crowded front teeth will come forward, open bites will open further, and occlusion disorders (tooth occlusion) may also arise.

The issue is that the professional your treatment needs to have the requisite knowledge and experience to recognise whether we’re dealing with a case of simple crowding or if there are other factors to consider. Unfortunately, this level of knowledge and experience is very difficult to acquire in just two or three days of training.

Who’s responsible for your procedure?

In procedures offering “treatment in six months”, braces are placed on patients by a technician from the company’s laboratory. The dentist glues the braces as instructed by the laboratory and further treatment is carried out under his guidance.

In this case, the braces are just a tool. They can only move teeth as much as the technician had planned, and unfortunately, this technician will have never seen the patient before. The fact that the position of the braces is dictated by the company does not mean that the dentist participating in the seminar gains more knowledge about the diagnosis and planning aspects of orthodontic treatment. Affixing the braces is merely the beginning; accuracy of assessment, diligence in subsequent visits, and knowing how and when to end treatment is what really determines the treatment’s success.

To paraphrase, woodworking tools do not make someone a good carpenter. That’s not to say that orthodontists are inherently any better than dentists. Simply that knowledge, training, talent and experience are the keys to success and patient safety.


Is treatment within six months really cheaper?

At first glance, opting for a six month treatment and setting only the front teeth may appear cheaper. However, despite the apparent savings, they can turn out to be much more expensive longer term. 

If the patient is not satisfied with the result of the expedited treatment option, they will have to pay the full cost of full orthodontic treatment to remedy this. 

As the saying goes, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t make sense that a dentist – after just a few days of a course – would be able to set teeth better and more quickly than a specialist with a minimum of three years of training.

So… what if you have opted for six month orthodontic treatment and you’re not satisfied with the results? 

Finding a specialist to fix your teeth after a six month treatment

Before anyone gets an apparatus attached to their teeth, we think it’s important that you get to meet your specialist in person and make sure you’re comfortable with them. After all, this a person to whom you’re entrusting your health! 

Therefore, we invite you to an orthodontic consultation at Da Vinci Clinic, where you’ll get a chance to meet a specialist in person, get to know them, and decide together which treatment method will be most appropriate for you.

We offer comprehensive treatment for malocclusion, tailored to each patient. You too can have a beautiful and perfect smile! Just make an appointment and let our team take care of your teeth.


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